28 Day Mind & Body Reset

Are you tired of endless diets, counting calories, counting points or counting the minutes before your next meal? 

Believe me I've been there! And no diet ever worked for me, because there was never any education around actually eating healthily to fuel and sustain my body. My journey to health and wellbeing happened because I developed an autoimmune disease, and my mission in life now is to teach you that you don't have to wait till the day you are diagnosed with a chronic disease. The statistics are clear, 1 in 2 people in the UK suffer with a chronic disease! You have a choice. Choose to care and love this physical vehicle you have been entrusted with. Start NOW! 

You CAN truly transform your health!

We can go through life accepting feeling tired, having trouble sleeping, suffering with digestive issues, bloating or skin breakouts, 'feeling hormonal', aches and pains or carrying excess weight. As we begin to accept it as 'the norm', our quality of life dissipates, our self esteem diminishes and our symptoms persist in a never ending cycle.  

It doesn't have to be this way! You don't have to settle into a life of pain, discomfort and low self worth.

  • Imagine feeling full of energy and vitality, a beam of sunshine in the world! 
  • Imagine you can physically do all the things you love doing, be it running, swimming or climbing a mountain!
  • Imagine a big smile on your face as you feel love for your body and just feel incredible in the skin you're in!

The 28 Day Mind & Body Reset is designed to empower you to take your health into your own hands and feel like yourself again!

At its core, The Reset is a cleanse program, which looks beyond the faddy ‘detox diet’, working from the root of imbalance to nurture and gently heal. We focus on Gut Health, Blood Sugar Balance, Lymphatic & Skin Health and Hormonal Balance, while also addressing mindset and emotional health to ensure you achieve and sustain the results you desire.

Through a simple three step process, you will:

  • begin to stabilise blood sugar levels and regain energy
  • maximise fat burning
  • start to see improvements from a myriad of symptoms 
  • improve the appearance of your skin
  • and so much more!!! 

Physical cleansing is crucial to health, but to help you succeed you need to address your emotional and spiritual health as well. 

“We can drink all the green smoothies in the world, but our health will still struggle to improve. We are one: mind, body and spirit and addressing only body in a reset is a futile task.”


Included in the Reset:

  • Bound workbook with knowledge, grocery lists and recipes
  • Quick and easy to follow recipes, including recipes for healthy meals, drinks, dips, and crackers
  • Adaptable to vegan, vegetarian, or omnivore diets
  • Breathing exercises for coping with overwhelm
  • Stress reducing techniques
  • Online support throughout the 28 days and beyond

This program is ideal for you if:

  • You are sick of being sick and tired
  • You are ready to take responsibility for your own health and wellbeing
  • You want a better understanding of eating for optimal health
  • You want to nurture your mind and body connection
  • You want youthful radiant skin
  • You want to shed some excess weight
  • You want to enjoy abundant energy
  • You are ready to take your health to the next level!

Supercharge your health and be supported along the way!

Next group Reset starts 23rd September 2019



(Total Value £497)

“Accelerating your motivation”


The 28 Day Mind & Body Reset Book

Digital Reset Program

Pre and post Reset questionnaire to track your progress

Weekly emails

Weekly videos on each topic

Access to The Reset closed Facebook group 

Free postage in the UK

Full support and encouragement from your nutritionist Daniela Exley and a community of like-minded people.

The benefits of joining our most popular group reset, The Supported Program is that you become part of a community of like minded people, on a similar journey to yours, who can all support each other. You also have continued support from myself in the closed Facebook group, where I'll be adding information and motivation, recipe videos and inviting other experts to share their knowledge and insights. An online questionnaire will enable us to track your success over the 28 days, while The Workbook will be your new best friend in the kitchen!

If you're keen to get started right away, you can purchase The Workbook on its own and take the course in your own time! Easy to follow, set out over four weeks, use your Motivation muscle and enjoy cooking delicious recipes and learning about health and nutrition.







Daniela, I want to say how much I enjoyed the reset programme. I loved the recipes and the way I was able to adapt many of them with what I had in the fridge. By week 3 I no longer craved the main culprits like cheese and coffee. I found this programme really easy to follow and the fact sheets were so interesting and informative.  I was never hungry but excited about what I was going to make for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My skin and hair feel amazing and I have been told I am glowing (which is always good!) I will definitely continue to adopt your approach to nutrition and food and am definitely converted!! Thank you so so much and I look forward to following more recipes and learning more about nutrition!



Daniela, I just wanted to say a big Thank You for the 28 day Reset. I loved it and it has totally changed my attitude to eating and food. I have learnt so much in the past 4 weeks! As a terrible snacker, I really benefitted from preparing 3 meals a day and I managed to do that quite easily around work. Once you get your head round being prepared it worked really well. I thought it would be much more difficult. I will definitely be carrying on with it!"



I’ve really enjoyed preparing my meals, the easy to follow recipes, having lots of energy, feeling great, having soft skin thanks to all the buffing! Also, the mind set exercises really helped, the attitude of gratitude, being thankful is a game changer! Weirdly, for someone with a sweet tooth, I haven't missed sugar and fully intend to keep it out of my diet for good. This isn't a crash diet more of a lifestyle change and I'm so much happier with my relationship with food now. Still, I've lost 3cm from my waist and dropped 6lbs. I'm going to try and carry on as much as possible now that I'm used to it. Thank you Daniela for everything!



The 28 day reset has helped me change my way of eating for life. I highly recommend this program and its inclusive positive message of healthy eating that really does make a difference to mental clarity, weight control and wellbeing. 



Firstly I want to thank you immensely for the reset programme - my kitchen rules and diet has changed dramatically and I now enjoy cooking and eating healthily for myself and my family. The reset programme gave me a great insight into listening to my body and responding accordingly to rectify food intolerances that I encounter. I lost 8lbs during the 4 weeks, felt the best I had in a long time and have a new respect for eating healthily. My food waste has reduced by at least 50%. and my kitchen cupboards are now almost totally free of plastics. 



I always tend to shy away from a ‘detox’ - the thought of cutting out foods I enjoy makes me miserable, but The 28 Day Mind Body Reset was different. Friends who had tried it were glowing, so it was time I did too. I had a feeling of clarity on day 5 and the feeling kept getting better as the days went on, with more energy, no headaches and a flatter tummy! Getting out of bed was a breeze and I was ready to tackle anything. I am now planning meals, creating tasty dishes from scratch and really enjoying every mouthful. People have commented on how well I look and I am down a dress size. The support online is great, Daniela answered queries immediately, encouraged me to continue and offered tips and advice. Her recipes not only look delicious in the photos but are delicious too. I would thoroughly recommend this plan and although I have re-introduced foods to my diet, there are some I avoid completely and feel all the better for it. Thank you Daniela!