28 Day Mind & Body Reset

Welcome to the 28 Day Mind & Body Reset! 

Do you wish you had a flatter tummy, boundless energy, glowing skin and were at your ideal weight? Are you ready to feel your healthiest ever?

The 28 Day Mind & Body Reset will empower you to take your health into your own hands and feel like yourself again. It looks beyond the faddy ‘detox’ working from the root of imbalance to nurture, gently heal and replenish. By removing just a few trigger foods and replacing with plenty of health giving foods you will begin to stabilise your blood sugar levels, maximise fat burning and start to see improvements from a myriad of symptoms including aches and pains, hormone imbalances, fatigue, sleepless nights, skin conditions or food intolerance.

Specifically designed to give women the tools to:

  • Balance hormones naturally.
  • Have naturally radiant, youthful skin.
  • Abundant energy.
  • Loose excess weight.
  • Create delicious energising, easy to follow meals that help the body to heal, shed unwanted weight and regain vitality.
  • Mindset tools and inspiration needed to transform your body and mind into your most healthy, radiant self.

Supercharge your Health and be Supported along the way!

  • Over the course of the 4 week programme I will provide you with all the information you need to help your body cleanse, rebalance and reset.
  • You will have access to email support directly with myself as well as through a private Facebook group.
  • Be part of a community where you can ask questions, share your wins and challenges with others, as well as receive inspiration, recipes and exercise tips.

Next start date 11th September!

What’s included in your 28 Day MindBody Reset.

  • Healing the Root Cause principles – A Comprehensive Introduction to the programme.
  • Weekly guide e-Books with detailed information about each of the following topics: Week One – Gut Healing, Week Two – Blood Sugar Balance and the Adrenals, Week Three – The Skin and Lymphatic System health and Week Four – Hormone Balance.
  • Weekly recipe e-Books including tons of delicious Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and Sweets. The easy to follow recipes are adaptable for omnivores, vegans and vegetarians.
  • Weekly Sample Menu Plans
  • Drinks Recipes e-Book
  • Healthy Snacks e-Book
  • Mindset Exercises and Practices
  • Shopping Lists
  • Join an online forum for posting questions, sharing recipes and feeling part of a supportive group.

Order Now and start your Reset on the 11th September!

What you can expect

  • Start feeling like yourself again
  • Learn how to eat ‘right’ not just eat ‘well’
  • A healthier whole family
  • Be a happier and more energetic mum, wife, partner, colleague and friend
  • Less symptoms – of all sorts!
  • Learn new skills to cook healthier more nutrient dense meals
  • Ideas for quick healthy meals in 15-min
  • Low sugar treat ideas
  • Find a new community of women who support each other

Take a peak inside



“Daniela, I want to say how much I enjoyed the reset programme. I loved the recipes and the way I was able to adapt many of them with what I had in the fridge. I always considered myself pretty healthy, but a sucker for cheese, wine, coffee and the odd few crisps. By week 3 I no longer craved the main culprits like cheese and coffee. I found this programme really easy to follow and the fact sheets were so interesting and informative.  I was never hungry but excited about what I was going to make for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My skin and hair feel amazing and I have been told I am glowing (which is always good!) I will definitely continue to adopt your approach to nutrition and food and am definitely converted!! My herbal tea selection is now taking over two shelves in my cupboard! Thank you so so much and I look forward to following more recipes and learning more about nutrition!” HELEN SHARPE

“Daniela, I just wanted to say a big Thank You for the 28 day Reset. I loved it and it has totally changed my attitude to eating and food. I have learnt so much in the past 4 weeks! As a terrible snacker, I really benefitted from preparing 3 meals a day and I managed to do that quite easily around work. Once you get your head round being prepared it worked really well. I thought it would be much more difficult. I will definitely be carrying on with it!” HATTIE SPICE

“I’ve really enjoyed preparing my meals, the easy to follow recipes, having lots of energy, feeling great, having soft skin thanks to all the buffing! Also, the mind set exercises really helped, the attitude of gratitude, being thankful is a game changer! Weirdly, for someone with a sweet tooth, I haven’t missed sugar and fully intend to keep it out of my diet for good. This isn’t a crash diet more of a lifestyle change and I’m so much happier with my relationship with food now. Still, I’ve lost 3cm from my waist and dropped 6lbs. I’m going to try and carry on as much as possible now that I’m used to it. Thank you Daniela for everything!” KATE McGANN

All of this is available to you for only £42!

That’s just a £1.50 per day investment into your health. Less than the cost of a coffee shop cup of coffee per day, less than the cost of a night out, probably the same as you would spend on alcohol during one month! Unlike all these fleeting pleasures, the 28 Day Mind & Body Reset programme is for life, something you can come back to again and again!

Additionally, I am a Nutritional Therapist so you also have me on hand for a whole month, to guide and support you.

Once you have joined, don’t forget to add hello@beetspulseandthyme to your contact list to make sure you receive all our correspondence regarding the 28 Day MindBody Reset!

100% money back guaranteed if you are at all dissatisfied with the programme. You have nothing to lose, if you do everything as described, stick to the plan but are not happy with the results then just ask for your money back. Easy!