veg_market-9My grandma who’s now 86 and still very fit and strong has always bought her fresh fruit and veg from her local market, and still does to this day. There’s got to be a lesson there somewhere that we have to re-learn. Buying fresh local and seasonal produce has to be one of the key things to a healthy lifestyle. Here are a number of reasons to shop at your local market or farm shop.

★By eating the produce that have been grown locally you can be sure that they haven’t been stored for weeks if not months as they make their journey across continents.

★Storage methods, exposure to heat, light and chemicals vitamins such as C and certain B vitamins are lost.

★Locally grown fruit and vegetable ripen naturally meaning they taste so much better. Compare picking your own strawberries to buying supermarket strawberries in December!

★The produce will be in season at the time you are buying them.

★Sometimes the fruit and veg you buy from a farmers market may not be certified organic because of the cost implications to achieve the certificate but you can talk to them and often find that farmer’s ethos is sound and practice is organic.

★And last but not least it’s how we are meant to eat, how our ancestors ate until not too long ago. I think we all know it deep down…

This is a great website for knowing what’s in season right now.

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This is a great website for knowing what’s in season right now.



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