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Brunch is such a lovely meal, in it's name it implies relaxing, the weekend, holidays. And it sure is lovely on those occasions, but this meal doesn't have to be restricted to the weekend, it can be a midweek lunch or even dinner. The BPT Brunch is a nutritionally rockin', satisfying meal. Unlike the processed, meat heavy, greasy regular English breakfast our Brunch i[...]

Cacao Quinoa Porridge

Autumn is definitely here and so are warm breakfasts in my house. This cacao quinoa porridge is a really simple quick and easy and very nutritious breakfast that will set you up for the day. Make sure to save I cup of cooked quinoa from the night before and then your hot breakfast will be ready in no time if you have a busy day ahead of you. Eating protein with every[...]

Blackberry Chia Jam

I love the autumn for it's plentiful offerings. It has to be said that there's nothing like the satisfaction you get when you've had to work for your meal, and certainly foraging provides that deep fulfilment, maybe an instinct left over from our hunter gatherer past. I went blackberring in the country park near where we live and managed to bring home a couple of tubs[...]

Almond Milk & Granola

Home made Almond Milk is just so delicious, if you haven't yet tried it you're going to love it! It's super easy too. I soak my almonds over night, then peal the skins off the next morning {oh what a satisfying little job that is} and blend with some filtered water. Easy as that! You can make nut milks with a number of nuts and seeds such as cashews, macadamias, hem[...]

Rhubarb & Strawberry Oat Crumble

Nothing tastes as good as a beautiful locally grown sun ripened strawberry, juicy and sweet, for me it encompasses the taste of summer.  I've had my sandals on and it has finally started to feel more summery over here on the South coast of England over the past couple of weeks. This is my absolute favourite crumble combination, the tart rhubarb with the gorgeous sweet[...]

Green Breakfast Smoothie

This is my go to breakfast smoothie, it's creamy, delicious and so amazingly nutritious it keeps you going all morning. I sometimes add the banana as I did today, sometimes not, but if you're new to smoothies then definitely add it in for the extra creamy sweetness. I do use a lot of the green powders in this smoothie because I think that if I get it them in one go [...]

Apricot Coconut Bars

These bars are well tried and tested now and they are a big hit with kids and grown ups alike. Great for packet lunches or an after school snack, a good energy bar on a country walk or even for breakfast with a smoothie. They have a soft chewy texture and cut nicely into bars. Completely devoid of any kind of added sweetener, the dried apricots alone give them all t[...]