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Simple Roast Veg

... with kale and tahini garlic dressing. This is a really simple dinner I sometimes throw together, made a bit more special today with potatoes and kale from the garden. Perfect for a rainy day. I cleared out some of big the shrubs in my garden earlier this year to make space for growing more veg and the first thing I put in were potatoes. They are just the most jo[...]

Summer Cherry Salad

It really feels like summer is here on the South Coast of England, around the Sussex Kent borders, when you're driving through the country side there are cherries and strawberries being sold at the side of the road every few miles. This summery cherry salad says 'Yes the summer is here summer'! Inspired by a recipe in one of my favourite cookery books - Green Kitchen[...]

Quinoa Tabbouleh

Studying for my end of year exam at the moment and sadly haven't got much time for fun experimenting with new dishes in the kitchen.. As a result all I want to eat is this trusty quinoa tabbouleh! It's fresh, crunchy and zingy, great on it's own, with a leafy salad or with a side of roasted veg, for breakfast {I love dinner leftovers for breakfast}, lunch or dinner!  [...]

Miso Noodle Soup

Today's food choice was mainly determined by whatever was left in the fridge and the grey weather making me want to eat something warm and comforting. When this is the case soup is always the answer. Miso paste is a staple in my fridge, as a fermented food it's full of good bacteria for your gut and it's so easy to use as a base for soups and stir fries. Along with th[...]

Beet, Quinoa & Dill Salad

I want to share this recipe with you today because it's a big favourite of mine and a great one to take to pot luck parties and BBQs. Very simple to assemble and you will love the earthy, sweet and aromatic flavours of the beets, dill and garlic. Quinoa is the base for this warm salad, I use it a lot as it's such as  a fantastic alternative grain on a gluten free d[...]

Street Salad

Mr E has been so amazing this week by joining me in eating lots of raw food. As part of the research I'm currently doing into raw vegan diets for a college project, I am also having to experience eating a 100% raw vegan diet for 1 week. This is day 4 and I'm feeling really good; physically I feel lighter and full of energy, while mentally I feel really alert and focus[...]