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My top tips for flying

As I sit here writing, my suitcase is packed up ready to go to Romania for my June retreat. Excited beyond belief! Seeing the world, experiencing different cultures and meeting people is my all time favourite thing. But more often than not, this involves flying, and flying isn't the best thing for my health, or the environment... When it comes to my body, I find[...]

The Queen Bee

After hearing about a local bee keeper, then eating a jar of her scrumptious honey, I simply had to meet the Queen Bee herself and learn more.  And so I came to meet Katharine Slater and her beautiful bees.  I've never been this close to a bee hive or really understood just how incredible these insects truly are, and so this experience was almost a spiritual one for [...]

Gluten Free Blackberry Apple Crumble

This Gluten Free Blackberry Apple Crumble is soon to become your favourite crumble! It's such a great dish to get the kids involved in making, I love seeing little hands crumbing the pastry together. It's also not just about the end product but the process itself; the foraging, being in nature, enjoying being together with family, friends or furry friends. I've bee[...]

How to Eat Healthy While Camping

A weekend camping in the countryside or in the woods is a great opportunity to get into nature and forget about our everyday worries and stresses. It takes us back to slow living; fetching water, gathering wood and making fire, are actions which help bring us into the present moment, connecting out mind and body.  Simply being outdoors has been scientifically proven t[...]

Stinging Nettles - Pick now for amazing health benefits

Stinging Nettles, were my worse enemy as a child.. I have many, many memories of getting badly stung, but I guess, in hindsight, it's a sign that I had a good childhood, spending a lot of time playing outdoors. Other than giving kids nasty stings ;), nettles have been used for centuries to treat various ailments such as arthritis, asthma, bladder infections, bronchi[...]

Fare Healthy

I wanted to share some of the photos I took at Fare Healthy in London's famous Borough Market last month. It was an amazing day with some of my favourite bloggers such as Deliciously Ella and Green Kitchen Stories doing talks, stalls from some fabulous eateries such as Nama, Peardrop London and 26 Grains selling delicious healthy food, people learning how to make thei[...]

Green Wild Garlic Pesto

May Bank holiday is a very special one in Hastings as the whole town dresses up to celebrate the start of the summer in the Pagan festival of Jack in the Green (or The Green Man Festival). Everyone adorns their green attire to follow the procession of dancers and drummers as they lead Jack in the Green through the Old Town and up to the West Hill where he is slain, an[...]


Earlier on in the week I had a day out in my old stomping ground - Brighton. Caught up with a good old friend, mooched about the shops and treated myself to a juice from 42Juice, my favourite juice bar I've ever been to - and believe me I frequent juice bars where ever I go, if there's a juice bar, I'm there! After much deliberation I had the 'Un-Beet-Able' juice, and[...]

Buying Local, Buying Fresh

My grandma who's now 86 and still very fit and strong has always bought her fresh fruit and veg from her local market, and still does to this day. There's got to be a lesson there somewhere that we have to re-learn. Buying fresh local and seasonal produce has to be one of the key things to a healthy lifestyle. Here are a number of reasons to shop at your local market [...]