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Spring Time Spring Rolls

Yesssss!!! Blue skies, blossom and sunshine! Have been looking forward to the spring feeling like spring for what seems like too long now. I've been eating very wintery foods still, lots of soups and stews but not today! Today I feel like eating raw veg and so I've made these super simple little rolls with the best peanut butter dipping sauce, ever!! I love listening[...]

Happy Pancake Day

Fat Tuesday! Hastings truly celebrates Fat Tuesday with tons of music and laughs. It's the first of a huge line up of festivals that this town entertains us with, and just such a great time of year to celebrate, as spring begins to draw us out of the darkness. I've made these fun pancakes to share with you guys, inspired by the spring, so they're PINK! Mostly[...]

Falafels in Lettuce Wraps with Tahini Dressing

A middle eastern street food staple, falafels are absolutely delicious and one of those things I absolutely love but don’t often get to eat… Although they have become popular on street food stalls in the UK, they are rarely gluten free. So.. time to make my own vegan and gluten free falafels! Chick peas, the main ingredient of falafels, are one of my favourite food[...]

Black Bean Hummus

Life without spreads would be dull and dry, so I'm always playing around making various things to spread on a cracker or have on the side of a salad. This black bean hummus is so light and fluffy you're going to love it. Black beans are definitely my favourite bean! They're more densly packed with protein than other beans, of course proteins are the building blocks fo[...]

Green Wild Garlic Pesto

May Bank holiday is a very special one in Hastings as the whole town dresses up to celebrate the start of the summer in the Pagan festival of Jack in the Green (or The Green Man Festival). Everyone adorns their green attire to follow the procession of dancers and drummers as they lead Jack in the Green through the Old Town and up to the West Hill where he is slain, an[...]