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What Nutritionists Eat with Tanya Borowski

Tanya Borowski is an experienced and prolific Nutritional Therapist, who is also in very high demand. I am so grateful she was able to take time out of her incredibly busy schedule to share this delicious Baked Rainbow Ratatouille recipe with us. This is a fantastic dish to include in January, nutritious, but also hot and comforting on a grey  day. Following a succes[...]

What Nutritionists Eat with Lola Ducout

I am so excited to begin sharing with you guys some snippets from the book I'm working on, called 'What Nutritionists Eat'. After spending 12 years working very much on my own as a photographer, at the beginning of 2017 I decided that I wanted to work in more collaborative way and combine my two passions - nutrition and photography. And so this project was born - a re[...]