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Amazing Beets!

It’s in my company name so this vegetable is pretty special to me! Beets have an incredible nutritional profile, providing our bodies with fibre, vitamin C, Magnesium, folate, iron and a number of incredible antioxidants. Beetroot is one of my favourite foods there is! This beautiful earthy vegetable is an absolute powerhouse of nutrients, we should all be including i[...]

Veggie Nut Roast

Happy Christmas to everyone and anyone who's reading this. This is one for anyone who won't be eating turkey this Christams, it's my favourite Veggie Nut Roast. Full of amazing ingredients - lovely walnuts and cashews which provide us with protein and healthy fats, beautiful veggies - courgette, carrot and sweet potatoes this nut roast keeps me on track through the in[...]

Simple Roast Veg

... with kale and tahini garlic dressing. This is a really simple dinner I sometimes throw together, made a bit more special today with potatoes and kale from the garden. Perfect for a rainy day. I cleared out some of big the shrubs in my garden earlier this year to make space for growing more veg and the first thing I put in were potatoes. They are just the most jo[...]

Beet, Quinoa & Dill Salad

I want to share this recipe with you today because it's a big favourite of mine and a great one to take to pot luck parties and BBQs. Very simple to assemble and you will love the earthy, sweet and aromatic flavours of the beets, dill and garlic. Quinoa is the base for this warm salad, I use it a lot as it's such as  a fantastic alternative grain on a gluten free d[...]

Beet Summer Rolls

Oh ok.. It's not quite summer yet, but the sun poked his head out so it was tasty summer rolls for lunch today shared with my lovely friend Sarah. My diet has drastically changed in the last couple of years but I'm very lucky to have a great bunch of friends around me who are all willing to try new things and support me in my new way of eating, and actually really enj[...]