Deep in the Domogled national park in Romania, overlooking a beautiful lake and lush mountains, villa Matei is set in gorgeous mature gardens with hammocks, outdoor kitchen, swimming pool and pontoon to the lake.  Relax and enjoy the unspoilt wilderness and freedom you feel when deep in the mountains.  We will visit remote villages set back in time, waterfalls with views to take your breath away and the beautiful decaying decadence of the Old Town of Baile Herculane! And lets not forget the healing thermal waters which we will bathe in daily. 

Join us for daily spiritual practice, including yoga, meditation and breath work.  Delight in nutritious and delicious vegetarian, gluten free meals made with local, organic ingredients, stunning mountain walks, wild swimming, workshops, visit to the historic town of Baile Herculane and daily thermal baths. Spend time relaxing by the pool while sipping a green juice and getting to know like-minded people, having massages, sitting round the camp fire or boating on the lake.

In September we are opening our Retreat space for a long leisurely weekend from Thursday 12th to Monday 16th. This weekend is ideal for you busy souls! For those of you who never stop and who always give. This is the ideal opportunity to take some time to disconnect from the business of the modern world and to refill your cup. 

This Retreat will offer you the chance to truly relax, to take time out from daily routines; to withdraw from everyday bustle, to disconnect from technology, setting aside the preoccupation with everyday living, allowing the time and space to connect with yourself, others and nature, allowing yourself to think, feel, rest and recharge, and of course to laugh and love! We will climb mountains and bathe in geothermal pools, drink green juices any maybe even sample our host's home made wine! While the food will be delicious, nutritious and healthy, this is not a 'detox' retreat, but a holiday for your soul! 

Read a little bit more about why I've chosen Baile Herculane, Romania as a retreat destination here.

Receive 10% off each when you book together with a friend!

September 2019



Thank you for helping me rediscover my happy.



What a truly exhilarating, Kriya practicing, nutrition filled Deep Connect nature retreat we have just had! A big thank you to Daniela and everybody for making it such a special time. We all bought a little something of ourselves and came away with a lot more!



A huge thank you, Daniela, for the wonderful experience of your Deep Nature Retreat.  Apart from everything that you so brilliantly organised and provided everybody played their part in making it a truly memorable experience.  I have returned refreshed, invigorated, inspired and nourished both physically and spiritually.



THANK YOU for sharing time with me and all your wise and funny words. I hope I've come back an improved person with Deeper connections to things that matter.


The Deep Connect Nature Retreat of Sept 2018 was more than just a nature retreat, it was a week to detach from the digital world and really immerse myself in my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well being. The food was incredible, the people were authentic, and Daniela created the safest, most healing environment imaginable. The hikes, waterfalls, baths, and bonfires were my highlights, but the connections to the other attendees was the most special part about the trip. I would recommend this retreat to anyone seeking some grounding and connection. Thank you Daniela for a really special retreat, I’ll see you next year!



The food that Daniela makes is super tasty and highly nutritious whilst looking very attractive. The Deep Connect Nature Retreat was an all round feast for the senses - mind, body and soul. The setting was stunning - beautiful Carpathian mountains with invigorating hikes, thermal baths, swimming in a gorgeous lake and Kriya yoga first thing. Add a heart-warming bunch of like minded people and you have the perfect recipe for a uniquely wonderful and enlightening experience. Synergy at its best!


Receive 10% off each when you book together with a friend!