So here’s the thing… 6 years ago – September 2012, I became soooo unwell.. I found it hard to walk, to pick stuff up, to chew, I was tired all the time, and I mean all the time… In May 2013 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, and now, 6 years on, I feel better than I ever did before – in my life! I feel like I’ve finally arrived in my body, I feel happy and contented and while I know there’s still more work to be done, I feel freeking awesome!!!

What did I do? A lot… I studied nutrition for 3 years, completely changed my lifestyle, my diet, learned to say no (that took some doing..), I’ve been using essential oils and more recently, retreating by myself, to allow the time and space to open up, to dig deep and to begin to understand why I react in certain ways in certain situations. This process is and will be ongoing as this is now how I live my life..  and at the same time, my ‘degenerative, chronic, autoimmune condition’ is well under control!!! Hurray!!!

My solo retreats took me to Baile Herculane, Romania for the first time in May 2017. Aside from it being the country I was born in, in Romania, holistic therapies are much more mainstream, with things such as thermal baths, infra red beds and therapeutic massage considered as treatment not pampering. By going to this magical place, I not only began to truly heal physically, but spiritually as well. The energy of this area allowed me to re-find the connection to my roots, to connect deeper to myself, to others, to nature and to Source energy. I discussed this in more detail in a previous post – Healing, Growth and Expansion.

Realising the potential of this place as a place of healing and connection, I created Deep Connect Nature Retreat, a space for others to come and experience this incredible place on Earth. And.. this September, the first retreat was the most wonderfully wholesome experience, with an incredible group of open mined, open hearted, gorgeous human beings and an incredible team who helped facilitate the experience in the most beautiful way imaginable. Ciprian, Simone and Irina, thank you from the bottom of my heart! What can I say guys? I want to say so much, and yet I can’t seem able to verbalise the experience we just had.. It’s truly been the most incredible week of my life and my heart is brimming with gratitude and love… We did exactly what it says on the tin and so so so much more…

Raj who joined us this September, describes the experiences we had the best. Thank you!

  • Incredible vegetarian plant based food; smoothies, gluten free freshly baked bread, plum compote, salads, energy bars…
  • Exhilarating walks and hikes in the mountains
  • Drinking water from waterfalls and springs
  • Swimming in pools and lakes
  • Bathing in natural sulphur and salt baths
  • Meditative yoga every morning
  • Therapeutic massages
  • Karmic energy alignment
  • Cacao Ceremony and oracle cards around a bonfire
  • Learning about natural remedies and essential oils
  • Making natural toothpaste and deodorant, face exfoliators and masks
  • Traditional Romanian meal cooked by our hosts
  • Singing songs and dancing on tables
  • Long lunches together

I’ll let my pics do the rest of the speaking…

Love and hugs,


Deep Connect Nature Retreat in Romania