Happy 2019 everyone! I’m so excited to see another year in, and with it come the many new plans, goals and intention. Have you set some goals for 2019? 

Like many others, up-leveling my health is at the top of my list, and cleansing is my favourite way to begin the year. Hurray for January and a fresh start. 

Why should we detox or cleanse in the first place?

The answer, quite simply, is that our body needs us to step up and help it in its process of detoxification. When I first set out on my own healing journey of using food as medicine, minimising the toxicity in my system was my first port of call. 

We live in a pretty toxic environment which puts pressures on our system. Environmental toxins include:

  • chemically polluted air; cleaning products and detergents
  • tap water
  • sprayed foods - pesticides on tropical fruit that allow them to ripen at just the right time on the supermarket shelf
  • air pollution from cars, buses, or airplanes

We also introduce various lifestyle toxins to the mix, such as:

  • nutrient poor diets
  • fried and processed foods
  • preservatives and food colourings
  • nicotine, caffeine and alcohol
  • recreational and pharmaceutical drugs

On top external toxins, we also produce our very own set of toxins internally, called Endotoxins. These are produced from:

  • bacteria, yeast or fungal overgrowths
  • viruses
  • undigested foods
  • psychological toxins from stress
  • chronic inflammation
  • unresolved emotional traumas

All together this bombardment of toxicity often results in a mysterious myriad of symptoms. Everything from food allergies, skin problems, fatigue, headaches and migraines, poor memory and concentration, hormonal imbalance, sugar cravings, weight gain, recurrent infections and chronic diseases.

All our cells are involved in detoxification, but more specifically designed for detoxification processes are the liver, kidneys, skin, lymph and bowel. Supporting our detoxification processes is not a fad but more of a necessity for our body to perform as well as possible, to be the ‘best selves’ we can be.

Demystifying the differences between a detox and a cleanse.

A 'detox' I terms of a diet, usually refers to a ‘quick fix’, a three to seven day program of intense dietary restriction. Detoxes are designed to enhance the body’s own detoxification pathways in order to minimise the negative effects of toxins. This is achieved primarily through juice detoxes which push the liver to neutralise toxins. However, the kupffer cells and hepatocytes of the liver have to be in top-notch condition to do their job efficiently and to do this they regenerate approximately every  28 days, so forcing the liver to detoxify like this can actually be more harmful than good. Additionally, if the bowel is not working as it should, if the level of toxicity is great, toxins may be reabsorbed into the blood stream if they are not properly eliminated. Detoxes are usually the go to for fast weight loss, however if weight is lost in a very short amount of time, it’s often loss of fluid and will only be re-gained once the body begins to regulate itself. My advice is that if you want to do a juice detox, it should be supervised, with at least one month of preparation beforehand and two weeks of readjusting and reintroducing foods gently after.

Any effective, deep-acting, natural detoxification or cleansing plan needs to be 28 days or longer to have any lasting effect, as this allows the liver time to regenerate as well as new habits to be formed.

To cleanse does not mean we starve ourselves, we eat plentiful whole foods which help us heal and repair. We begin to gently release toxins by adopting a healthful diet, including juices which deliver nutrients directly into our cells. We clean the digestive tract from undigested food particles, toxins, harmful bacteria and parasites over a longer period of time.  We remove foods which can cause inflammation or allergies, giving the body the opportunity to rebalance. We listen to our body, letting it encourage us to rest or move, tap in to our body’s own healing capacity by adopting nurturing habits that cherish our total wellbeing. It is not a time to thrash, deprive or force our body. We allow the body time and space for it’s own maintenance and repair and offer an opportunity to cleanse the mind of emotional toxicity. We allow ourselves to find time to process feelings and emotions and adopt nurturing habits that support your emotional and physical wellbeing.

Cleansing regularly throughout the year is both gentle and more effective for long term health, while cleansing with the seasons is a system long established by traditional practices such as Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine. By choosing seasonal foods you will also be providing your body with the nutrients it has evolved to need at that time of year. We evolved in tune with the seasons so to us this makes perfect sense.

A period of 28 days is ideal, as I mentioned earlier this allows the liver time to renew and work optimally, it’s a great way to reduce inflammation, address toxic overload, minimise harmful bacteria, heavy metal toxicity and leaky gut. 

If you’d like to join me for The 28 Day Mind & Body Reset this January, it would make my heart sing! It’s my greatest joy to help others move forward with their health and it’s the most wonderful thing when I see people looking and feeling so great! 

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So I have three options for you to choose from in 2019:

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Lots of love,