The time between Christmas and New Year is a good time to sit back and reflect on the year about to pass and look ahead to the coming year. I don’t do resolutions as such because resolutions tend to be unrealistic and in my experience end up being broken within a month. Nor do I believe in detoxing in January –  it’s still winter and I certainly don’t want to shed my layer of insulation just yet. 🙂 There’s a time for cleansing and we’ll come to that a bit later on in the year. However, I do think it’s important to start the new year with a few positive thoughts and a realistic plan for a happy healthy new you in the new year. The few pointers I have listed below are there as a simple weekly guide – eat healthily and do some exercise every day. My work as a freelance photographer doesn’t often allow me to have set routines so I make changes and adapt this plan to fit in with my week and so can you! If you miss out on a day, don’t beat yourself up, just pick up again the following day. My own experience has taught me that the key to making changes to your lifestyle is to not be too hard on yourself, just do and be the absolute best you can. If life gets in the way, as it does, don’t give up!

Hope you can join me!


Smoothie Breakfast
-start the week on a positive note! any smoothie is great, making sure to include lots of veg such as spinach, celery, cucumber and kale, some berries and seeds and nuts-


Yoga Class
-I find that starting the week with a yoga class inspires me for the rest of the week-

50 crunches
50 squats
-add some strength training for healthy bones and lovely toned muscles-


30 min walk
-an outdoor walk takes you away from technology allows you to clear your mind-

50 crunches
30 squats
-keep up the strength training throughout the week-

Soup Dinner
miso soup is one of my favourites, but any veg soups are delicious, warming and nutritious at this time of year – include lots of greens, onions and garlic-

Miso Noodle Soup 2

10 min meditation
-practice breathing exercises to combat stress and improve sleep-


30 min yoga / pilates at home
-practice some yoga or pilates at home; there are many online routines you can follow-

25 left leg side lifts
25 left leg side lifts
30 sit ups

Have a Small Treat
-such as home made superfood raw chocolate



Hot breakfast
-eat a wholesome hot breakfast for an energy boost towards the end of the week – porridge is great, be it gluten free oats or quinoa, some almond milk and sprinkled with nuts-

Quinoa Porridge2

30 min swim / brisk walk / bike ride
-an invigorating swim or get out of the house or office and get some fresh air and excercise at the same time-

50 sit ups
50 squats

Buy nice food for the weekend
-buy lovely fresh organic fruit and veg and stock the house with lovely produce to inspire you to make beautiful food for the rest of the week-


30 min – 1 hr yoga / pilates at home or class

Wholesome Salad Lunch
-knock up a beautiful nutritious salad with some of the ingredients you bought yesterday-


25 left leg side lifts
25 left leg side lifts

10 min meditation
-focus on your breathing and learn to be present in your body without dwelling on neither the past nor the future-


Big Breakfast
-cook up a delicious hot veggie breakfast for yourself and family or friends-


30 min brisk walk / bike ride / game of tennis  
-have fun while exercising outdoors-

100 crunches


Switch off Technology ALL Day

-enjoy a day of rest; turn off computers, tablets and mobile phones and just be; read a book, listen to music or chat with family or friends-

Drink pleanty of Water and Herbal Tea
-drink infused water, herbal teas and probiotic drinks like kombucha and kefir to rehydrate-


Walk with family or friends
-take a long ambling walk with your dog or family and friends-

Spend time preparing food
– prepare meals for the week ahead and freeze or make a lovely nutritious dinner to share-

Love and Respect Yourself and Be the Best you can Be!

Follow this link for a printable version of my weekly plan.

Love and hugs,

Daniela xx

*note – the exercises mentioned are offered as a guide – please adapt to your own needs and fitness levels, you may run instead of walk or start with 10 crunches and build up or you may want to consult a personal trainer.