As 2018 draws to a close, I’ve been looking back and reflecting on the year.

This practice helps me bring my focus onto the things I’ve enjoyed, what I’ve achieved and where I can make improvements going forward. I love reflecting back over a year and highly recommend it! 

For me 2018 has been an incredible year and I am so grateful for all the lessons learned! 

  • I’ve enjoyed more trips away than any other year and have noticed how incredibly important it is for me to be on the move. I have really noticed that it helps rebalance my energy to avoid becoming stagnant. 
  • I’ve become increasingly aware of how my intentions and mindset can really help me define and find my true authentic path in life. 
  • I’ve experimented with intermittent fasting and am enjoying the health benefits of this practice enormously.
  • I’ve enjoyed a long summer of spending lots of time with my family and reconnecting to my roots.
  • I’ve come to live in complete and utter gratitude of the incredible healing and nurturing resources Mother Nature so generously provides me with. Thermal waters and freezing seas, mountains and hot sands, herbs and oils and real food!
  • I’ve met some incredible people who have changed my view and perspective on life and I’ve loved spending time with friends, building beautiful relationships. But as always, I’ve had to learn from the difficult times too. This year has taught me to fully listen to my instincts, to learn to create boundaries even when it’s super difficult and gut wrenching. 
  • I’ve learned to slow down and to create space for inspiration. As someone who’s always been a big do-er, this has been quite hard. Guilt is the lowest frequency vibration there is, but guilt is always what’s kept me in this do-er mode. Guilt that I’m not doing enough, not achieving enough, not earning enough, not socialising enough, not spending enough time with my kids. The list goes on… Letting go of guilt as a useless emotion has helped me rediscover my creativity and a deep love for every single thing I do, from hanging out the washing to cooking meals to taking photos to creating wellbeing in people’s lives. 
  • I’ve rediscovered my love for music and dancing. My kids cringe and want to die when I’m dancing in the kitchen but hey…  😉 

2018 has been my 40th year on this planet and with the turn of another decade I feel more alive and in love with life than ever before. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading this, for your support and presence. 

Looking ahead, I’m super excited about 2019, in particular, the relaunch of The 28 Day Mind & Body Reset, with the new all singing all dancing workbook!!! YAY!!!! So come the New Year, we can Reset together! If you need motivation to cleanse with a group, we'll be starting on the 21st of January! 

Happy Healthy New Year!!!!!


Daniela xx