It never ceases to amaze me how incredible life’s turns are. As you all know, over the last 5 years I’ve been on a huge self healing journey. The reason I call it a self healing rather than recovery from Rheumatoid Arthritis, is that is exactly what it is. Symptoms as diagnosed by the doctor are just the very surface of what is going on deep deep down inside us. In my opinion there is not one thing which can heal us; not one drug, not a diet, not a type of exercise, but a whole combination, encompassing emotional, spiritual and physical healing. My naturopathic nutrition training taught me this, and I realised that just working with nutrition and supplements wasn’t enough. Food alone is not enough. You could be eating the most wonderful healthy biodynamic foods, but if there are underlying emotional and spiritual issues, these will prevent adequate absorption and assimilation of nutrients and continue to cause physical symptoms.


Guided by my disease, I sought out a place for healing – physically I thought. My online search took me to my home country of Romania, to the sulphurous healing thermal waters of Baile Herculane. And indeed the waters, the air and the earth there do possess an incredibly powerful energy, but what I didn’t expect was the emotional and spiritual healing my solo retreats allowed.

Allowing time and space to connect to and feel the infinite healing powers of Mother Nature, in turn feeling connected to my self and my truth, have all been exceptionally powerful revelations. We’re all so busy rushing through life that we often don’t remember to take stock of what we’re made up of. And by that I mean what sequences of events have happened in our life to bring us to our current position. We don’t take the time to dig deep and work on the things that are holding us back, our conditioning, the recurring stories of our life or of the lives of those around us. I read a great book recently by Peta Kelly, called Earth is Hiring, where she talks about unkinking our life. It’s such a great analogy, that we get kinks, just like a hose pipe, making energy stagnate and not flow. These blocks in energy I believe can cause disease in the body, mental instability or feelings of dissatisfaction with life, or life’s purpose. These kinks can be caused by anything, from money worries, work life, home life, relationships and our past experiences – it’s that knot in the stomach feeling of unease. I lived with that knot in my gut for years, only noticing it’s absence once I began to let go, work through and release emotions. This came through meditation, yoga and journalling, through allowing myself to be guided by the Universe to meet the right people just at the right time to further my healing and propel me into health and vitality. Learning to firstly take note of these feelings and then begin working on unkinking that hose has been incredibly freeing. The peace and quiet of the Carpathian Mountains has proved to be just the most incredible place to do this healing work for myself.


I am now feeling grounded in my body, fully feeling into my creativity, finally speaking my truth and allowing intuition to guide me. I’m feeling an expansion into the person I am meant to be, so I find myself realising my soul’s true calling; to offer healing support to others, using natural solutions, plant remedies and facilitating nurturing retreats in magical locations. It definitely feels like this whole journey has been just so I can be brought into alignment with my life’s purpose and mission.

My Deep Connect Nature Retreat which was born out of my feeling so very alive while retreating to the mountains, is now fully booked for September! I’m looking at dates for next year, so if you’re vibing with this, join the Deep Connect Nature Retreat FaceBook group and stay tuned!

Much love,