Last month my husband and I attended a Wim Hof Method (WHM) workshop at the Roundhouse in London. I'd bought us the tickets but he really wasn't looking forward to it at all... He's used to me wanting to try out all manner of things though so he went along with it. And so I feel compelled to share our experience with you guys. 

As a naturopathic nutritionist, who’s outlook on health is holistic, I’ve done plenty of research into meditation and it’s benefits for health; benefits such as reduced stress response, reduced anxiety, lowered inflammation, and enhanced sense of self awareness and increased memory and concentration, benefits reached through a consistent practice. 

However.. I had not yet managed to have a meditation practice. I mean a proper every day, at least 20min per day meditation practice, which is where the magic happens. But Hof’s method has switched something in me which means that I now do have a 20-30min per day conscious breathing meditation practice daily. I also incorporate a 10-15 min yoga practice before my breath work and follow the breath meditation with a 2-3min cold shower.

Seriously.. If you’d told me last month to take a cold shower I would have said, ‘no f***ing way!’ And yet her we are. The power of the mind, truly truly never ceases to amaze me! And through it, our incredible innate ability to control our autonomic nervous system. Our autonomic nervous system which controls our heart rate, blood pressure, core body temperature, our immune system and our hormones. And we can control this!?! This is something that all medical books had thought as impossible, but Hof’s incredible scientific research is proving otherwise.

The WHM consists of breathing exercises, concentration and cold exposure. This incredibly simple yet powerful triad claims to improve cardiovascular health, mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and bi polar, to reduce systemic inflammation, to raise metabolism, increase alkalinity in the body and control our stress response. Quite something! 

Hof has been through some incredible scientific testing such as being injected with eColi where he was able to control his body's reaction to the bacteria, thus proving the power and potential to modulate the immune system response. He has also proven that he can maintain his core body temperature without fluctuations when exposed to the cold through the power of the mind.

There are many more ongoing experiments he's involved in and I truly believe he is revolutionary in his findings and his teachings. Even with his skepticism, Iain is also fully on board with this practice which is having a profound effect on both of us on both a physical and emotional level. I’m currently in week four of the Fundamentals Training and I don't doubt for a minute that you'll hear me talk about Wim Hof again.