Retreats - whether a self-curated day long retreat in your own bedroom, an AirBnb in a new town for the weekend, or in an organised retreat elsewhere in the world - provide us with the opportunity to truly turn inwards, to sink deeper into our inner work, more than ever before, exploring the depths of our true authentic selves and coming out more magnetic, intuitive and on our paths to manifesting our true potential. 

I returned from Romania two weeks ago after hosting our second retreat in Baile Herculane and am finally feeling ready to put it into words. The week was spent surrounded by beautiful souls who were drawn together exactly at the right time in their lives. We cooked and meditated and swam and bathed and walked and chatted and laughed and cried. We went on a boat on the Danube, we filled our bottles with spring water and had numerous relaxing massages. We ate yummy food together as a big family, discussing everything from space and the universe to how bees have sex! I find it hard to put into words how the week flows and unfolds on our Deep Connect Nature Retreats… there is such a powerful magic energy there which allows everything to manifest with love and from a place of deep compassion. And the whole time we felt completely held by all the nature and the elements around us; the water - the lake and thermal baths, (we had quite a lot of interaction with water this time round, with lots of warm summer downpours!), the beautiful clean mountain air, roaring bonfires and the Earth with its breathtaking scenery and lush vegetation. 

We created space for rituals by welcoming in the New Moon with intentions and sound healing from the amazing Russell Penn (@russelingaround), held a Cacao ceremony by the bonfire and ritualistically drank teas and coffees together in the mornings with this view!!! 

The weather meant we had more time to enjoy some workshops together too: we made healthy desserts which we decorated, made our own Hormone Balancing lunch which involved making sushi, a first for many! And we made essential oil roller bottles to anchor us in to our intentions and our emotions.

Simone and I cooked and danced almost non stop in the fantastic outdoor kitchen, while people had massages, read books, napped, swam in the lake and chatted by the pool. And every evening, those who wanted - me everytime!!! went to the hot thermal pools to soak and chat.

I truly can not wait to host our September retreat to get to know some more of you lovely peeps! I'm so grateful and truly humbled by the incredible experiences we're able to create together! 

Much love!


PS. More June 2019 pics below and if you'd like to join us in September, click through the link here or email Daniela xx

Photo credits Heather Ellis-Jones and Ciprian Matei