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Coconut Banana Bread

I was going to write a completely different post today, but it's Friday and it's been a full on week involving lots of driving long distances for me so I've decided to make Banana Bread instead. I have a new Coconut Banana Bread recipe I want to share with you and this can even pass on the 28 Day Mind & Body Reset. So if you're Resetting with me at the moment, [...]

Spiced Apple Muffins

I love the change of seasons and in particular autumn time. Warm sunny days and the leaves turning all shades of reds and yellows, is just beautiful! It makes me smile and be thankful to be alive here on this beautiful planet. A glut of apples is upon us at this time of year and so I see it fitting to add apples to everything. Juices, savoury dishes and these scrumpti[...]

Hazelnut Crust Rainbow Quiche

The weather's been so beautiful here over the past few days... it is not anymore... back to rainy season.. However we went to the first BBQ of the year at the weekend. Sitting out in the garden with the sun shining, eating and chatting with friends is really the best thing ever. Since I don't eat sausages or steaks, I took this quiche along and it proved to be a hit w[...]

Minestrone Soup

I have to say I'm not a fan of  the cold weather; even more so since I’ve had rheumatoid arthritis. The cold damp weather can really aggravate my symptoms, but the thing that makes me happy in the winter is eating soups. I love soups! Having grown up in Romania in the 80’s, I spent most of my time with my grandparents as my mum had to work. My grandma was an amazing c[...]

Gluten Free Courgette Cake

Ahh the great British summer - gale force winds, 17 degrees and grey skies. There's nothing for it but to bake a cake. As it's courgette season, it's only fitting that I make a courgette cake. I haven't made one since I went gluten free over two years ago so it was about time I came up with a recipe for a gluten free courgette cake.  The fab thing about including co[...]