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Chocolate Orange Bites

Easter is nearly here! Hope you've all enjoyed the holiday so far! If any of you gave up chocolate for Lent, your suffering is nearly over! ;) I want to share this recipe for Chocolate Orange Bites with you guys today, because they're so easy to make and you can display them nicely for a little sweet treat post Easter lunch. We've got raw cacao in these beauts b[...]

Autumnal Broccoli Mango Salad

I usually tend to throw things together with whatever's in the fridge, especially when it comes to salads, so it was really by accident that this salad happened. And what a lucky accident this Mango Broccoli Salad was! This is an incredible taste sensation of earthy broccoli with sweet juicy mango and crisp red onion, topped with a creamy tahini and hemp seed dressi[...]

Interview with Kate Magic

I'm so delighted to introduce you all to the incredibly inspirational Raw Food guru Kate Magic. I went to see Kate talk at VegFest earlier this year while I was preparing for my college project where I had to practice and research the 100% Raw Diet. She was so inspirational as she talked through all the really important food groups which she includes in her diet - fro[...]

Superfood Raw Chocolate

I have excluded a lot of foods out of my diet over the last couple of years but chocolate always finds its way back into my life in one way or another. More recently I've been experimenting with Raw Cacao because unlike the standard cacao powder you get in supermarkets, which is fermented, dried and sometimes treated with chemicals, the raw cacao powder or nibs retai[...]

Street Salad

Mr E has been so amazing this week by joining me in eating lots of raw food. As part of the research I'm currently doing into raw vegan diets for a college project, I am also having to experience eating a 100% raw vegan diet for 1 week. This is day 4 and I'm feeling really good; physically I feel lighter and full of energy, while mentally I feel really alert and focus[...]

Beet Summer Rolls

Oh ok.. It's not quite summer yet, but the sun poked his head out so it was tasty summer rolls for lunch today shared with my lovely friend Sarah. My diet has drastically changed in the last couple of years but I'm very lucky to have a great bunch of friends around me who are all willing to try new things and support me in my new way of eating, and actually really enj[...]