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Chocolate Orange Bites

Easter is nearly here! Hope you've all enjoyed the holiday so far! If any of you gave up chocolate for Lent, your suffering is nearly over! ;) I want to share this recipe for Chocolate Orange Bites with you guys today, because they're so easy to make and you can display them nicely for a little sweet treat post Easter lunch. We've got raw cacao in these beauts b[...]

Spiced Apple Muffins

I love the change of seasons and in particular autumn time. Warm sunny days and the leaves turning all shades of reds and yellows, is just beautiful! It makes me smile and be thankful to be alive here on this beautiful planet. A glut of apples is upon us at this time of year and so I see it fitting to add apples to everything. Juices, savoury dishes and these scrumpti[...]

Raw Chocolate Buttons

Spring has definitely sprung my friends! The sun is shining and everything is awash with spring flowers and blossoms. Whether you're celebrating Easter or Passover this week, chocolate will definitely be on the cards. And believe me no-one wants to miss out on chocolate, me included!! If you're avoiding refined sugars for any reason, my raw chocolate recipe is a[...]

3 awesome Energy Balls recipes

I've got three amazing energy balls recipes to share with you all today! These gorgeous little treats are my go to when I need a tasty pick me up, they're easy to make and you can keep them in the fridge for a week or in the freezer for up to a month. They provide a nice combination of healthy fats, protein, as well as antioxidants, for a nice steady release of energy[...]

Simple Sauerkraut Recipe

As there's a fantastic resurgence in the consumption of fermented foods, I wanted to share with you my simple Sauerkraut Recipe. Fermented foods and drinks have been part of the human diet for hundreds if not thousands of years, only really going out of fashion with the advent of the refrigerator. Before we were able to keep foods fresh by refrigeration, people would[...]

Green Breakfast Smoothie

This is my go to breakfast smoothie, it's creamy, delicious and so amazingly nutritious it keeps you going all morning. I sometimes add the banana as I did today, sometimes not, but if you're new to smoothies then definitely add it in for the extra creamy sweetness. I do use a lot of the green powders in this smoothie because I think that if I get it them in one go [...]

Beet, Quinoa & Dill Salad

I want to share this recipe with you today because it's a big favourite of mine and a great one to take to pot luck parties and BBQs. Very simple to assemble and you will love the earthy, sweet and aromatic flavours of the beets, dill and garlic. Quinoa is the base for this warm salad, I use it a lot as it's such as  a fantastic alternative grain on a gluten free d[...]

Superfood Raw Chocolate

I have excluded a lot of foods out of my diet over the last couple of years but chocolate always finds its way back into my life in one way or another. More recently I've been experimenting with Raw Cacao because unlike the standard cacao powder you get in supermarkets, which is fermented, dried and sometimes treated with chemicals, the raw cacao powder or nibs retai[...]