As I sit here writing, my suitcase is packed up ready to go to Romania for my June retreat. Excited beyond belief!

Seeing the world, experiencing different cultures and meeting people is my all time favourite thing. But more often than not, this involves flying, and flying isn't the best thing for my health, or the environment...

When it comes to my body, I find that flying makes me extremely tired and causes a lot of inflammation in my joints. So the last few times I've flown I've made a very conscious effort to support myself a little more with some supplements and a few other potions...

Before the flight:

Starting a week before flying I include a B complex, probiotics and high dose vitamin C. 

B vitamins assist many many functions in the body, supporting our adrenal glands, our immune and nervous system, all important to have in tip top condition before flying. 

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant which helps protect against potential damage caused by free radicals in environmental pollutants. Also strengthens the immune system which is very important while spending time in an air-conditioned plane.

Probiotics taken before and during travelling helps keep the gut healthy and avoid getting stomach bugs. 

As you board:

Being trapped in airports often means eating airport food, so I try to stick to a salad, some green tea or a green juice. Pret is usually my go to place in London airports. I also pack some nuts and seeds in my hand luggage. 

Staying hydrated before and during the flight is super important, avoiding caffeine and alcohol are key, but so often the exact opposite to what people do. Drink plenty of water!

One to two hours before the flight, I take vitamin C and probiotics as mentioned above, also high strength fish oils which thin the blood and are anti-inflammatory.(note: do not take these if you are already taking blood thinning medication)

During the flight:

On a flight you’re exposed to ionising radiation because the atmosphere is much thinner so high up. So although the risk from infrequent flying is relatively low, it’s definitely worth giving your body extra support against radiation damage with chlorophyll-rich chlorella and spirulina which aid detoxification. I take a powder mix of greens including Chlorella, Spirulina, Matcha green tea powder and some Maca powder too. Matcha green tea is rich in L-thianine which lowers the stress response in your body and helps you feel more relaxed. Maca is an adaptogenic root, also known as Peruvian Ginseng, which works to keep you balanced and feeling amazing. This way you can blend up this powder in your water bottle or travel cup while you’re in flight. You can see my favourite greens  blend here, it includes all the greens mentioned already mixed. 

At the airport and on the flight I use a natural plant based hand sanitiser. I use doTERRA OnGuard essential oil (a blend of clove, wild orange, rosemary and cinnamon) as a natural plant based bacterial sanitiser. Add a few drops to an empty essential oil bottle and top with water and an atomiser spray lid. 

Vetiver, Frankincense and Sandalwood essential oils are great for calming nerves. Add a drop of each to your pulse points while in flight.

After the flight:

Once you reach your destination, if you experience that tired but wired feeling, take some Magnesium to help you get to sleep. Magnesium is well-known for its potential to improve sleep quality and offer that extra needed relaxation. 

If you can get find somewhere to have an infra red sauna once you’ve landed, this can be extremely beneficial for detoxification and cell regeneration.

While flying has a negative impact on our health,  it also has a very obvious negative impact our environment which I am super conscious about. Earlier this year I met Nicoleta Carpineanu. Like me, Nicoleta is Romanian living in the UK, she’s a DJ and the founder of Forests without Frontiers. Forests without Frontiers is a fantastic charitable organisation planting trees in Romania, in areas where much illegal deforestation has taken place. For me this is a fantastic opportunity to do my bit, because at the end of the day the only way we’ll ever achieve the bigger picture is by doing our bit!